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Chips Ahoy! and its parent company Mondelēz International were excited about the success of their first video game promotion with Xbox exclusive Sea of Thieves. Xbox itself saw a record number of code entries from the Sea of Thieves promotion, and all parties were excited to continue the collaboration.

The next partnership opportunity presented itself with Gears 5, the newest entry in the long-running shooter series. Gears of War, now shortened to Gears, is a fan-favorite, known for its deep characterization and exhilarating, visceral gameplay. We brought together Chips Ahoy!, Xbox, and The Coalition, developers of Gears 5, to bake up a fresh batch of cookies for the promotion.

Each package of Chips Ahoy! featured a key character from Gears 5, with each sub-brand (Chewy Chips Ahoy!, Chunky Chips Ahoy!, etc.) getting a different character. The promotion made sure to include Mini Chips Ahoy! snack bags and its different flavors. Each purchase of any specially marked Chips Ahoy! package earned purchasers a digital code, which would award them exclusive content they could only get from the promotion.