About Us

We provide marketing solutions for brands that build relationships with gamers.

Our Business

Tripleclix is a strategic gaming agency focused on developing marketing partners for game publishers while helping brands navigate the gaming industry. With over 60 years of industry experience, the agency specializes in building strategy, promotions, original content, and lifestyle marketing by combining publisher driven gaming content with innovative and iconic brands. Tripleclix acts as the connective tissue through which brands, publishers, and consumers interact.


With over half a century of experience in entertainment marketing, tripleclix is uniquely positioned to create a plan specified to your product(s). We have experience creating diverse programs that will expand your brand’s scope and reach. It is our primary focus to maximize your engagement across multiple pillars of the market, whether gaming, film, music, or other. Once your activation has launched we provide analytic data providing insights into your future growth opportunities.


Consumer packaged goods are always looking for new marketing programs. On-pack promotions and other marketing opportunities are always available for brands looking for further exposure. Gamers are an extremely engaged segment of consumer and very aware of what’s authentic. We guide consumer brands into gaming, helping them step into a category that is often ignored by mainstream consumer goods products, and along the way gain them a new consumer audience.


This is our bread-and-butter and favorite part of marketing. There is something special about bringing together separate brands into a single harmonious relationship that raises up both of their public mindshare. We strive to bring together unique collaborations, ones that will capture the attention of consumers across multiple segments. We want to create the very best content and experiences that excite fans and elevate our partners.


Modern marketing includes the inclusion of physical events, places where traditional media, social media, and viral marketing intersect. Events allow developers and publishers to publicize their product to a wide selection of resources while increasing buzz and engagement. Our experienced team creates and manages launch parties, store takeovers, pop-ups, and more. It is important to us that every detail is covered and each of our clients are showcased to their very best.