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Taco Bell focuses on innovative marketing activations, with their programs soaked in the culture of today’s youth. Part of that culture includes gaming, with Taco Bell having a long history of marketing collaborations with the game industry. Xbox is the market leader in gaming technology and experiences, with their marketing aligned with some of the biggest consumer brands in the world. Partnering them together was a natural collaboration, two marketing teams that share similar demographics and objectives.

After a successful activation for the launch of the most powerful console on the planet, the Xbox One X, we decided to take the partnership further. Our next collaboration set a new standard for console hardware partnerships. Taco Bell and Xbox created a new console for the promotion, the Xbox One X Platinum Limited Edition, which included unique features never seen before in a console.

The Xbox One X Platinum Limited Edition included an exclusive colorway Xbox console. It was customized with a unique sound effect: the official Taco Bell ‘Bong’ heard on start-up. Only a limited number of colorway consoles were manufactured, included in a bundle with an Xbox Elite wireless controller and three months of Xbox Game Pass, making the Platinum Limited Edition a highly sought-after item.

Each limited edition console was given away through Taco Bell’s promotional giveaway. The purchase of a Taco Bell $5 Double Chalupa Box earned buyers a digital entry code. Each code gave consumers a chance to win the Xbox One X Platinum Limited Edition or other great prizes. An Xbox Box X Platinum console was given away every ten minutes during the program, which started in October and ran through November.

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